Success Stories

Take some time to read the Herbalife Family Foundation success stories around the world.

Casa Herbalife Programs

North America

Casa de Esparanza de los Niños
Houston, Texas, USA

Snapshot: 131 kids, 78 adults - Infants (0-5)
Project: Residential Program
Funding: Food Security
Program Since 2011



Casa de Esparanza de los niños is a safe place for children in crisis due to absuse, neglect, or affected by the HIV/AIDS virus, providing residential, medical, and psychological care according to the needs of each child.


"The children and staff of Casa de Esperanza de los Niños are very grateful to have partnered with Herbalife Family Foundation’s Casa Herbalife program. Many children come to us homeless and hungry. Providing a home and proper nutrition is very important to them not only for the present, but also for their future development. Deprivation at an early age can cause many developmental problems and early intervention is crucial in preventing these problems. The monetary and volunteer contributions of Herbalife Family Foundation, Independent Herbalife Members and Herbalife employees are essential in providing services for these children so that they may grow up healthy in both mind and body. Thank you, Herbalife Family Foundation and Herbalife Members and employees, for your commitment to improving the lives of children in need."
Kathi Gino
Director of Grants and Giving


Ruth came to Casa de Esperanza after being injured in a domestic violence dispute. In her first 2.5 years of life, Ruth lived with multiple caregivers – moved from house to house when her mother was unable to care for her due to her mental health and substance abuse issues. She was very small and underweight. She did not show much interest in food and barely ate at mealtime. Her initial evaluation by a pediatrician revealed that she was only in the 10th percentile for height and weight. Eventually, strawberry smoothies were found to be the key to unlocking her appetite. This child who was once a picky eater became a voracious eater. In just a few months, she has jumped to the 30th percentile for height and weight. Although Ruth's future is still uncertain, there is no doubt that her time at Casa de Esperanza is contributing to her positive physical and emotional development.



Casa Hogar Nacidos para Triunfar, A.C.

Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico 

131 kids Age 0-18
Project: Monitor nutrition and daily menu
Funding: Kitchen renovation and supplies
Program Since 2012



Casa Hogar Nacidos Para Triunfar supports children of extreme poverty who are orphaned, abandoned or neglected.


"Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) has contributed in a very important way in the development of our children, providing a focus on good nutrition and also giving them moments of joy. HFF has demonstrated a strong commitment to our children, improving their quality of life in every way. That is why Casa Hogar Nacidos Para Triunfar shows its deepest gratitude and recognizes the important work that HFF does for disadvantaged youth."
Suleira Alcala, Donor Manager


Joel was six years old when he arrived at Casa Hogar a year and four months ago with two brothers. Their mother could no longer care for them and sometimes left them alone while she worked. They lived in a small room in a neighbor’s house with no running water or bathroom. Often, Joel’s younger brother would become ill from contaminated water – the only water they had access to – and they had one meal during the day because their Mother couldn’t afford more than that. At Casa Hogar, they eat three times a day, every day and are happy. They have many friends and are able to attend school.


South and Central America

Nutre Hogar

Panama, Panama

5,000 children
Infants (0-5)
Project: Nutrition Program
Funding: Food Security
Program Since 2013



NUTRE HOGAR is a non-governmental organization that implements programs for the prevention and recovery of malnutrition for children living in poverty and extreme poverty.


"As Nutre Hogar cheerfully hosts Casa Herbalife, thousands of boys and girls in Panama have the opportunity to get good nutrition and dream of a better future. These children represent not only a harvest for tomorrow's hope, but a sound reality of the here and now. Contributions and volunteer hours from Herbalife Family Foundation liven up our daily mission, and give us a chance to grow better every day."
Vanessa Vicuña, Nutre Hogar Organizer


When doctors determine that malnutrition is affecting a child’s health and wellbeing, boys and girls are referred to Nutre Hogar for treatment and recovery. The Center in Panama has a monthly average population of 25 to 30 boys and girls. With no other institution in the country to help assist the children in recuperating from malnutrition, Nutre Hogar plays a key role in the process of improving opportunities of better health for the Center’s children, and in some extreme cases making a difference between surviving or not. Today there are children living at Nutre Hogar with severe health problems that require 24/7 caregiving, nursing assistance, medical monitoring and medication.


Europe, Middle East And Africa

SOS Children's Villages

Athens, Greece

14 Children and Young Adults
Age 6-25
Project: Nutrition Program
Funding: General nutrition and food subsidy
Program Since 2006



SOS Children’s Villages provide abandoned, orphaned and destitute children with a permanent home in a family unit with an SOS Mother, an adult tasked by SOS Children’s Villages to care for affected children. Services include food, clothing, education, medical and social support, and housing.


"Thanks to Casa Herbalife, I have a place to go where I feel safe and secure. I know I will receive a snack or a meal when I need it and that in itself makes me feel so happy. My school work has improved and for the first time I can see myself going to college and doing something positive with my life."
SOS Children's Villages, Child


At the age of six, Fotini came to the SOS Villages in Vari. She lives in a house supported by funding from the Casa Herbalife Program. This house has given Fotini the confidence and support she needed to be able to believe she could do anything. She received regular nutritious meals and snacks, and today, at the age of 19, Fotini wishes to become a doctor and has been studying for the past three years.


Action for Children

North Lanarkshire, Scotland

60 Children- Developmentally Disabled
Age 6-18
Project: Healthy Eating and Lifestyles Project
Funding: Nutrition Education
Program Since 2010



Since 2006, Herbalife Family Foundation has supported healthy eating workshops at Action for Children's Hackney Young Caregivers (HYC). HYC provides support, advice and recreational opportunities for young people who care for a family member. Young caregivers may provide physical care, emotional support, administer medication, cook and do household budgeting. With constant responsibilities, many often do not have the same socially or physically active lifestyles as their peers.


"In our cooking classes, we always cook the meals from scratch. Some young caregivers might initially say ‘I’m not having any’ but then later, you’ll hear them saying, ‘That’s the best meal I’ve ever had!"
Action for Children, Teenage



Thanks to the healthy eating project financed by Casa Herbalife, young caregivers from Scotland's Action for Children were able to take part in a "Come Dine with Us" event. Sixteen young caregivers took part in a weeklong course learning about food hygiene, healthy eating and food preparation. One particular young caregiver, Sarah, who has a substantial caring role for her mother and father, stood out. As a result of the event, Sarah grew in confidence as she found she was good at helping out in the kitchen. Sarah showed great skills in food preparation and received a certificate in recognition for this as well as her food hygiene qualification. As a result, Sarah has enrolled at her local college to continue her studies in food preparation.



Daegu Children’s Welfare Center

Daegu, South Korea

75 Children
Age 0-18
Project: Wall renovations including kitchen and cafeteria
Funding: Kitchen Renovations and Supplies
Program Since 2013



DCWC is one of the oldest facilities for child welfare in Daegu City, the fourth largest city in South Korea. The center provides a variety of social welfare services in cooperation with the local communities. Through its partnership with DCWC, Herbalife Korea supports the children by providing balanced nutrition with Herbalife® nutritious products and snacks. Furthermore, through the Herbalife sponsored Youth Mentoree Baseball Team, which was launched in cooperation with the Yang Jun Hyuk Baseball Foundation, 25 children at the facility experience various cultural and sporting events that support them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. This is the first youth baseball team launched by Herbalife Family Foundation through its Casa Herbalife program worldwide.


"The boy in our success story may not be the tallest boy among his age group but definitely happier and healthier than before becoming part of Casa Herbalife program and the Herbalife sponsored Mentoree Youth Baseball Team."
Director, Daegu Children’s Welfare Center



Dong-Seon Kim was born on the last day of 2004 and was one of the smallest kids in his age group. Today, he shows emotional and physical development and, after participating on the Herbalife sponsored Youth Mentoree Baseball Team, he is now one of the most active and healthy children at the Center. Despite having an artificial leg, he is always full of confidence whenever he joins the baseball team’s activities. He is very proud to be part of the baseball team. In January, he participated in the annual baseball training camp for the Herbalife Baseball Team on Jeju Island. An added bonus for him – his first airplane flight ever. In addition to Herbalife Family Foundation’s commitment, over 20 Herbalife Korea Independent Members became long-term sponsors of the underprivileged children at DCWC.


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