Humanitarian Award

HFF Humanitarian Award – Established in 2007

Every year, the HFF Humanitarian Award recognizes an Independent Herbalife Nutrition Distributor who exemplifies the Foundation’s mission and has made a significant impact in improving the lives of others. A Global Humanitarian will be selected from the regional honorees and receive a USD $10,000 donation to give to a charitable organization of their choice.

In addition to recognizing a Global Humanitarian, Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) also recognizes Humanitarians from each region. Regional Humanitarians receive an award, recognition, and a USD$2,000 donation to a charitable organization of their choice.

Herbalife Humanitarians are nominated around the world and are chosen based on philanthropic activity, community leadership, volunteerism and advocacy.


HFF 2017 Humanitarian Award Winners

In 2017, Executive President’s Team Member Hery Tri Basuki was honored as the recipient of the Global Humanitarian Award. Hery, who resides in Malang, East Java Province, Indonesia, has been an Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor since 2004. Hery believes that the more successful he is in business, the more he should give back to those in need.

Out of his commitment to education, Hery provided a scholarship to help underprivileged children receive quality schooling. Hery contributed to the construction of an orphanage house and a school in his community. He also teaches foster children and supports other education and social organizations in Indonesia. In recognition of his tremendous commitment, Herbalife Family Foundation donated US$10,000 in Hery’s name to his charity of choice. Herbalife congratulates Hery for his inspiring dedication to helping children.

Herbalife Family Foundation would also like to commend the altruistic efforts of the 2017 Regional Humanitarian winners from around the world.

• Valdete & Marcelino Cristovão (Brazil) • Brett & Kelly Yeatman (EMEA) • Angélica Cruz (Mexico) • Style Bell (NAM) • Lupe Quiñones & Julián Mejía (SAMCAM)

These recipients have displayed a commitment to giving back to those in need and the results have been extraordinary.